People & Plants Watercolor Paintings

Mom holding her daughter in arms

Ella & Her endless love

woman meditating with crystals and plants

Relaxation session with Gemstones and nature

mother and son family portrait in Autumn

Akalie & Alden Autumn Memories

beagle dog with plants

Savannah, Her Baby Beagle & Plants

Chihuahua with cats and plant

April, Chico & Felix

amethyst cristal with plant and exercising girls

Magic Girls

black dog sitting next to plant

Lauren stretching with her besties

Girl stretching with prayer plant

Liz & Maranta Prayer plant

border collier and tabby cats with plants

Roxy & Her Family among plants

sisters with plants and dogs

Johanna, Raquel & Olaf

girl in pink outfit with plants

Johanna & her favorite plants

inspirational quote yoga pose

Spread the light, be the lighthouse

yoga pose with cat and monstera plant

Wendi & Her Tortoise Shell Cat

girl dancing salsa next to birds of paradise


cats and yoga and monstera

Lucy & her kittens

girl doing yoga with puppy next to plant

Maya & Frankie

twin sisters exercising together with white cat

Madeleine, Camille & Mike

parlour palm and stretching girl

Kate & Rio

Golden Retriever and plants

Puppy, Plants & Yoga

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brown cat and girl stretching

Val & Mousse

2 cats and yoga tree pose


pink princess philodendron plant

Pink Princess

Lady with cat doing yoga


Pink Dressed yoga girl

Matchy-matchy with my plants

Swiss cheese Yplant Yoga

Stand Out Pose

Yoga with plants

Black & White Yoga

Golden Retriever with Yoga Girl

Puppies, Plants & Yoga

hand painted yoga pose

Mini Gabriela

Girl with plants stretching

Stay Fit

stretching Sofia in tree pose


blonde girl stretching

Blondie & her plant

tree pose with plant

Stretching with my Fiddle leaf

curly girl stretching with plants

Curly Girl

redhead yoga girl tree pose

Fire Girl

girl doing tree pose yoga & monstera deliciosa

Mini Yoga Girl

girl doing tree pose yoga & monstera deliciosa

Yoga Girl