People & Plants Watercolor Paintings

baby lying down with pothos

Baby & pothos

Curly Lady With monstera

Curly Lady With monstera

Mommy & Baby Wrapped with Monstera

Mommy & Baby
Wrapped with Monstera

Surrounded by pothos and pilodendrons

White & Pink
princess philodendron

mother and two kids

Family Portrait

monstera deliciosa with woman relaxing

Relaxing with my Monstera

watering the monstera albo with dog

Blondie, her Albo & Dog

yoga surrounded with plants and boho style decor

Yoga, Books and Plants

single mom with 2 kids & Monstera albo

Mommy, 2 kids & Albo

lady strectching next to monstera deliciosa

Monstera & Stretching

Kid surrounded by plants

Baby Boy & Plants

woman holding monstera deliciosa

Plant Life - Monstera ♥

Watering the monstera Albo

Plant Life - Fiddle Leaf ♥

Watering the monstera Albo

Gold Leaf Monstera

Watering the monstera Albo

It's All About My Albo

 Monstera Deliciosa Albo

Potted monstera deliciosa albo

Woman with short curly hair Illustration

Short & Curly Hair

woman with hoops and ripped jeans

Got Fancy For My Pink Princess

woman with two tone hair style watering monstera thai constellation

New Day, New Hairstyle

Girl stretching with yoga posture

Yoga Posture

Girl with a bun tree pose

Mini Bun Stretch

lady doing yoga with monstera

Brunette & Her Monstera

Girl practicing yoga with monstera

Tree Pose with Monstera

blue seal siamese cat with lady

Siamese Cat & Yoga

Snake plant on plantstand

Grey cat stretching

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gem stones and plants

Meditation with Houseplants & Gemstones

Green Monstera deliciosa

Tropical Monstera

Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron

yoga girl with her gray cat

Fiddle Leaf Love

Healthy Lifestyle Relaxation

Relaxing Yoga & Hoya

Epipremnum Happy Leaf plant

Happy Leaf & Yoga

Manjula pothos & Self care

Mathilde & Her Queen Pothos

Tree pose yoga watercolor painting

Asana Yoga Pose with monstera

Asana Vrikshasana Tree pose

Me, My Glasses & My plants

Redhead Curvy girl hoya


Pink caladium painting

Tania & Mihai

curvy lady with manjula pothos

Blonde Hair Don't Care

body positvity - love your body

Love your Body